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Convert Torrent Links to IDM

Many of my friends told me that they want to download files from torrent sites but they are unable to do so because of speed of torrent downloads.It can take  number of days to download games and movies from torrent sites.So in order to help them i searched a lot on google and at last came out with a working  procedure to convert torrent  links direct to idm.Are you also tired of waiting for long number of hours or even days for your torrent downloads to complete?  If Yes ,then, this post will help you. BitTorrent and uTorrent are the two most popular and widely-used torrent clients today. They allow simultaneous downloads of big files using peer-to-peer connection. But the problem is, one cannot enjoy full download speed even if one have  tweaked third party torrent client to allocate more bandwidth for your downloads

1.)Firstly go to  any one of the following torrent sites

     a)  Torlock







          h)Kick Ass Torrents (


         j)Torrent Crazy


          and search  for the file you want to download.

2)Scroll to end of that link and click on Get this Torrent. For that you need a torrent client either utorrent or bit torrent.Download from here and install that.

3)After installation download that torrent file .It must not be  more than 20- 30 kb

4)After downloading go to the following site will see some thing like this image


5)After that upload the torrent file you just downloaded or you can paste the magnet link there.For the magnet link open the torrent client i.e. Bit torrent.Locate the file you want to download.Right click that file and copy the magnet URL and paste it on that click  GO

6)Choose the FREE option.


7) Wait for unzipping,it will create the magnetic link for downloading that file .The time for caching depends on size of the file you want to download.


8).Now click on free button and your downloading will start.


9)Idm will take the download itself as shown

Idm Download

Or the other way can be as explained below;

1)Create Torrific account here .

2)Now go to any torrent site and search the torrent  you want to download

3)Obtain torrent URL.To do this right click “download this torrent” and then  select” copy link location”.

4)After you have copied torrent link go back to Torrific and paste URL to the textbox and hit GET button.(Torrific will then process your request and you can optionally opt to receive the direct link by email.

5)Depending upon the number of your torrent seeds, you should be able to see the direct link for your file

6)Direct link for your file is available now .So launch IDM and add the URL you just got from Torrific and voila your download started.It should start at ultra speed with IDM depending speed of your internet connection.


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